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Build brand new Fire TV entertainment experience on automobile, kitchen space, fitness device and more.

Designing interactive experiences on mobile and themed installations.  Using AR technology creating gaming & theatrical experiences.  

Creating meaningful graphics for a narrative gaming experience. Design and develop the web/mobile application for facilitating. 

Using augmented reality, voice recognition, and natural language processing to create an interactive experience by communicating with a virtual engaging assistant.

Exploring the advantage of using AI chatbot to help the user check-in daily, pre-diagnosis symptom, and analyze the health data.

A case study of product design project of helping parents monitoring their babies. The process including user research, mapping, user flow iterations, application design and branding.

Redesigning a 3-6 players trivia game on mobile. Creating user journey based on game mechanics. Designing UI elements, wireframes and mock-ups.

By redesigning VUI in google maps, exploring the possibility of having an on-car companion in a future world.

Prototyping on various Mix-reality platforms to create immersive experiences. Exploring and designing 3D interfaces for user interactions.

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