Curer is an exploration project trying to use chatbot to connect patients with doctors. I've written a post of using the first principle to simplified current experience. In the process, I explored ways to utilize mobile platform and bring the healthcare resources closer to the target users.



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Sketch   |  Principle  

The Quest

I rethought the current healthcare experience. What’s the biggest problem and what's the ideal solutions? I came up a problem list and based on that I sketched out different ways to solve the current problem. I drew an ideal user journey map based on one of the solutions.


  • profile inconsistency

  • hard to the schedule appointment

  • long waiting circle

  • unclear insurance coverage

  • time-consuming revisit

  • repetitive/unnecessary exams

  • hard to follow-up

Journey Map

I've designed three ways to interpret the report. They each have different approaches for the user to navigate through.


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