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Skill: Research, Mapping, Wireframe, Prototyping, Branding / Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, 3D Max, Axure, Keynote

A little help from eyenergy,

Let the baby talks to you.  

User Profile
The parents targeted are well-educated parents that lived in Tier1-2 cities. Age 28-36. They want a simple way to look after their baby.

Focus Group

The list above indicates that new parents changed their focus in life and became more responsible. However, they are not familiar with the way babies express themselves.

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Social Behavior

Another finding is that they are highly active in social network after having baby. It also shows that mothers are more likely to post their feelings while fathers tend to only post photo.

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In this case, it is all about observing the interactions between parents and babies. Mapping cognitive process to simulate the scenario that reflects it.

Material& Technology

Define the material inside and the relation in between is essential for design. Drawing out the parts help me be clear about their job in the work flow. It eventually decides the outline of the product.



I want to find an element that is appealing to both parents and babies. In the focus group, one thing really stood out was a mother talking about baby’s eyes. Eventually, I decided to go with ”EYENERGY” as it sounds catchy and trustworthy

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Color plays a critical role of expressing the brand. Base on consumer profile, it is clear they need a system that is reliable, professional but also give them a soothing feeling.

VI System

Color plays a critical role of expressing the brand. Base on consumer profile, it is clear they need a system that is reliable, professional but also give them a soothing feeling.

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Location Research

I visited different babies’ room to find out their settings. There are three main things on parents' mind: Safety, convenience, and flexibility. I found the place use to hang mobiles has both good angle and convenient for charging.



This device has two main parts outside. One is the camera that can record the babies’ motions and facial expressions. Another is the projector that can change the lights and interact with the babies. The curve design make it easy to grab. It also gives space to hide the sound and scent system behind and give it a better altogether look.

1. The charging pole will connect the device to the cot.
2. The ring will show different color of lights that match babies’ moods.
3. The top projector can be closed and attached to a hanger with safety lock for mobile use.
4.The functional keys are hiding in the middle to avoid accidental operation.

Wireframe for App

 This app is designed for parents to look after and interact with babies when they are away. With facial expressions and motions being analyzed, it translates babies’ feeling into simple notifications and suggestions.



After rapid prototyping, I figured that parents just want to see their baby, and everything else is second priority. So the final interface is a touch button “Eyenergize” at the bottom of the screen and modes will change automatically. However, there’s still optional settings for parents to set for their babies.


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It is common that parents are on the go or in the remote area that network is not that good. The “lag” reviews about live camera in other products are common, so I set up a simple mode option when the app detected WIFI is not connected. Instead of live video, it will show emojis that represent the moods of baby.

UGC video

In the sustain stage, in order to increase user viscosity, this app will not only record but also generate fun video that tells the precious moment and emotional story about their kids. Hopefully, this app will be something that grows with them.

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