Stupid, stupid boy

One said he wants to settle down, in the age that he should grow strong.

One said he wants to chase his dreams, and then let his dream slip away.

One said "let's travel the world, in my dream and you do the walk."

One said he wants to marry the princess, by cage her in the kitchen till everyone dies out.

One said he wants to right his wrong, but he doesn't want to take the blame.

One said he found the true love, but he needs to test it thousand times.

One said he wants to be closer, oh boy he runs far far away.

Now all these things they once claimed, none of it comes true.

Why there's no book in the world, tell the truth that men only run their mouth?

All maybe because they are the authors, publishers, readers and criticisers.

They wrote themselves strong and brave and heroic and kind, although they have no idea what that means.

They wrote themselves creator of the world, warrior of the age, solution of everything, although they only want the moment of glory even just imagination.

All those empty promises they made, becomes the hangers on the wall, the color of the paper, the wiper on the car, the name of the places, the anoumous calls, the sunglasses, the dogs, the cats, the food, the songs, the movies, the friendly friends, the funny posts, and the moral support.

Like dead rookie sending their post Morton notej

Thank you so much for all being so kind.

Enough souvenirs for my life.

See the universe is expanding, everything not coming is fading away.

I wonder what will be left in this lonely planet, after all the long journey end.

So how can I choose from the one can't be with me and the one won't be with me.

Might as well just chose not to chose

Out of your sight, out of my mind

See I don't need anyone take me anywhere I got anything I need.