Life is made of beautiful curves, shapes, and colors, and sometimes we tend to forget about that. This is an AR application that I designed to let the player capture the beauty in life, and then turn it into their own creation and then share it with the rest of the world.

(in Progress)

“  In this practical dream:
     Let’s take a color break.  ”

We all know that our world is made of color, line, shape, space, and form. We try to capture it through painting, photography, and movie. But imaging capture a world with 360 view around you. How would you paint on it and how would you experience it?


Using Arkit with the phone camera, this app is aiming to give artists a new approach to retouch the world. Find the place you love and map it through the camera.

The graphics will automatically generate but you are the one that connects the dots, finding the visual element and make the color decisions.

Your Creation

The last and final step is to put it back in a real world with the exact location but different interpretations. Imagine a world created by you can be viewed by everyone and experienced in 360 degrees.

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