UX/UI Design: Web/Mobile Application
Working with teams as lead UX designer. From research to ideation, from storyboards to wireframes, creating functional low-fi and high-fi prototypes for usability tests. Designing usable and useful mobile/web applications that meet the user needs. Using visual design and motion design skills to enhance the user experiences.
Interaction Design: AR/VR Experience
Projects while studying Masters in Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center. Work with teams as an interaction designer, using skills including 2D&3D interface design, conversational design, UI/UX to create immersive interactive experiences. Exploring ways of designing meaningful, engaging, entertaining user journeys through prototyping on VR/AR platform. 
Commerical Campaigns
Works during 2011-2014 as a creative writer in advertising agencies. Using daily life insights to write interactive narratives. TV stories, viral videos, radio ads, etc. Designing the structure of in-store applications and consumer-focus mobile interactions. Create award-winning campaigns including TV Commercials, social campaign, interactive display, etc.