I’m a peek hole on the wall.
I stand still, no matter what.
I was there when the shocking assassin happened on October 13, 1940.
I was there when the General signed the treaty that changed millions of people’s life.
I was there when the notorious Mob leader Du built his empire.
I was there when the best opera singer in Shanghai surrendered to addictions.
I was there when the young doctor risked his life to save that future to be mayor.
I was there when the greatest reunion happened secretly in the basement of a theatre.
I was there when everyone and everything shattered in the fire and blood.
I was there, and I watched, startled and remembered.
I’m the witness of the unsolved murders and crimes.
I’m the“behind of the scenes”of all the scandals and conspiracies.
I’ve seen through countless fights, breakups and farewells.
I’ve also been accompanied by the thrills, romances and happiness.
I’m the bridge from the inside to the outside.
I’m the eye look through the surface to the core.
I’m the path across time and space.
I’m the shortest distance between you and the truth you eager to know.
I’m a peek hole on the wall.
Come closer and stand still.

“  In this practical dream:
   Take a peek can be rewarding.  ”

This is a pitch project I did for Shanghai Museum. Their problem: Enormous historical sites are scatter around the city. It is hard to open to public everyday due to the high maintenance fee, while the photo exhibitions felt boring. I came up with the idea of using “Voyeur” inside everyone to create a campaign that put a peek hole on the door with provocative lines to invite people take a look inside, With 270 holographic display, the stories come alive.



To catch attentions from the passengers, I design some poster for each story. With intriguing lines on it to invite people come closer to take a peek at the door and see what really happened at that time. It is a low maintenance project and with interactive story. It helped explain the most dramatic story of the building in the history, and also brought more attention to the neglected old architectures.

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