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Launch Time: April 2012
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Position: Creative copywriter

In order to promote the new energy-saving technology from Volkswagen, I wrote a song called ”Think blue” as a tribute to “Think small” in 60s. This helps create a driving behavior awareness campaign that engage people to participate in reducing carbon emissions. We also create online game allowing people to use different genre to rewrite the song with the same catchy melody. This helps the brand to build a better image in public.


Think Blue
(The is the back translation of Chinese lyrics. )

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could drive smoothly
Accelerate and brake carefully
And wouldn't it be nice to walk around town
Driving only when it’s too far away
B-L-U-E is to reduce carbon emissions
B-L-U-E is to create a better future

Wouldn't it be nice if we use a fuel economic engine
Then we’ll have a road that’s blue
Wouldn't it be nice if we use smart-changing gear
Then we’ll have a sky that’s blue
B-L-U-E is to reduce carbon emissions
B-L-U-E is to create a better future

Wouldn’t it be nice
You know it seems the more we talk about it
The easier if we could just aaaaaact upon it


Volkswagen 2012

"Think Blue"Campaign


Launch Time: May 2013
Agency: BBDO
Position: Creative copywriter


Time Out Shanghai digs deeper into the city to find hidden gems that might not otherwise be discovered. The campaign launched with a teaser print ad asking if anyone had seen Time Out’s phone. Social media contents further fueled the conversation with mysterious posters, each with a single letter and an Instagram hashtag. Once the phone was picked up, we carry the phone snatchers around the city to discover places they would never find on their own. The project was the most buzz-generating effort in the brand’s history, based on PR and social media engagement. It won Bronze prize at Asia Digital Campaign 2013.



Time Out Magazine 2013

“The Stolen Phone Tour”







Launch Time: November 2014
Agency: BBDO

Position: Senior Copywriter


Raid Off wants to help Chinese mother think differently about outdoor play, so we reframe outdoor play as another class that children should take to be well-rounded. The classes can be booked and reviewed at our mini-site.




“The 9th Lesson”







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