The design goal of the homepage is to make a simple, clear demonstration of what we do and what you can do in afterlife. Above are two directions I tried, Version 1.1 is direct, but the feedback shows that it is hard to find the key information. Version 2.1 improved the layouts. The final design for the homepage below focus on the priority of introduce our sites with the contents that people create, and also being direct about ask people register right away.


Using simple visual of their favorite moments to create the life stream on homepage. Mouse over it will show their story in one single line. The lifestream is picked by the visitors by simply like it or send flowers to them. After you click through their photos you can go visit their sites and all their life work and photos on. You also can see the messages people left on the wall. The most important feature is that you can send condolences, and it will show immediately on the interaction wall. You can also choose to deliver real flowers and the profit of it will be given to charity, so that the condolences can actually help some real people in the world.

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